Cavitt Street Church of Christ - A family with one God, one purpose, one love.
At Cavitt Street Church of Christ, our goal is to provide spiritual growth to all of our members through involvement in any of our following ministries.
Those involved in our worship ministry at Cavitt play an important role in providing an environment of praise and reverence to our Lord.  Whether leading singing, conducting devotionals, serving on the Lord's table or behind the scenes operating the sound equipment, this ministry can be a rewarding and uplifting experience for all levels of spirituality. 
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Our Bible classes are a critical part of our church foundation.  Our curriculum seeks to faithfully teach God's word to all ages, from our craddle roll to our high school classes.  In addition to our weekly classes, our youth participate in summer camp programs at Camp Bandina in Bandera, Texas.  Vacation Bible school programs are held during the summer.  During the school terms, our young girls participate in weekly Tabitha classes and our young boys participate in Young Men's Training classes, both in preparation for leadership roles in our future congregations.
Through our fellowship activities we are able to nurture and build relationships, pray, serve others and have good fun!  We believe this is key from birth to adulthood to help our members discover what it means to be a follower of Christ.  These activities range from our periodic work days to keep our building in physical working order to First Sunday Fellowship meals after evening services.  We also celebrate life changing events of our members through hosting wedding and baby showers and high school graduation banquets.  One of our annual events if our Spring into Fellowship Day at the beginning of the spring season with an old fashion style Sunday gathering complete with potluck picnic and games for all. 
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We provide support for Santos Ruiz in the Dominican Republic, DeWayne Shapley in Puerto Rico for Spanish Literature, Cherokee Children's Home and Sunny Glen Children's Home.  If you would like to be a part of any of these missions and help spread the word of our Lord, please contact one of our Elders.
Spanish Ministry
We offer classes and sermons for our Spanish speaking members as well as prospective Christians each week.